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Lilo was already spent, and the day had just started. Not wanting to miss the show, Lilo hurried up the rest of the stairs and entered her room, where she was met with quite possibly one of the last things she ever expected to return home and see. Your review has been posted. David grumbled in his sleep, his rod practically throbbing with want from a mix of morning wood and his unfulfilled lust from the previous night. Looking up, she saw Nani and David both on the bed with her, grinning mischievously at her. She had stashed the pictures under her bed for safe-keeping, deciding to take more of herself if she got any new ideas and more of David and Nani when they did something new. Like said previously, this whole story was based on the hentai comic 'Lilo's Lessons'. But there the furry blue alien was, sitting on Lilo's bed, staring at the pictures he had found, nervously rubbing his stiff rod. She reached over, hooking her fingers around the hem of David's boxers and pulling them down gently.


Her name is Yuko Kuremachi ???? ?? ????? ~????????~ ????? ‘50s Japan,


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